LEGO Education Studio

For schools and leisure customers/families – Unrivalled in Austria!

Opening hours: every first Saturday in a month from 13 to 16 o’clock!



Selection of topics


Bau einer Windturbine

  • Renewable energy: Learn the basics by constructing wind power plants and solar cars
    Age: 6+

  • Inventors, tinkers and creative minds are here at the right place. We construct solar cars and wind power plants. Kids can explore and develop playfully the basics of the renewable energies.

    Materials: step-by-step instruction, solar module, electric motor, LED-lights, rotor blades, LEGO-energy display (in Volt, Ampere, Watt, Joules,…) and cables.



Bau einer Roboterhand

  • Pneumatics: Air motors for machines and tools; construction of robot arms and scissor lifts
    Age: 6+

It’s amazing what we can move with air – as long as you know how it works! A lot of machines and tools are not imaginable without air motors. Kids will construct robot arms and scissor lifts which work only with air motors.

Materials: step-by-step instruction, pumps, tubes, cylinders, valves, air tank and Manometer



LEGO Mindstorms EV3

  • Robotics: Kids will write their first simple programmes which they can transfer to the robots. Afterwards they can test it.
    Age: 10+

How can you drive straight lines or curves? How can you colour lines by using a sensor? There are a lot of exciting things in the fascinating world of EV3 waiting for the participants.

Materials: step-by-step introduction, LEGO construction set, motors, sensors, programmable EV3-brick, Laptop with the EV3-software, training table, mission and training mats. Kids will programme the EV3-brick by using the EV3-software.



The entrance price to the LEGO Education Studio is 5 € per person (in addition to the Welios’ entrance price for visitors older than 6 years)