New special exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci”


Leonardo Da Vinci was a polymath! Discover the trail of his unrestrained exploratory spirit! The exhibition contains more than 20 of his great inventions, which you can grasp and experience vividly!



Fun House
MU9_spiegelkabinett_300To play with your reflection and multiply yourself infinitely was one of Leonardo`s typical portrayals. You could nearly hear his laughter. In his drawings of the fun house a peephole can be spotted. Due to the different angles through the peephole completely new perceptions are revealed.

Leonardo drafts the airscrew between 1480 and 1490. It is supposed to be operated by four men, who actuate a rotatable mechanism that moves the fabric covered screw. Leonardo assumes that with enough speed the construction would twist into the air. Unfortunately with human power not enough speed can be achieved to make the construction work.

Measuring Vehicle
FA2_messwagen_300Leonardo drew at least three measuring vehicles. That shows us that tools for measuring are of great importance when it comes to creating maps. Especially for military purposes Leonardo´s maps are very useful. Due to the high gear ratio of the vehicle`s worm gear it must have been supposed to capture long distances.


Slewing Crane
After it turned out that Leonardo has “borrowed” the crane from Brunelleschi it was not clear anymore who of the two really invented the crane. But the complex roller bearing and especially the ratchet on the rope winch are clear indicators for Leonardo`s work.

Joint Wings
FW5_gelenkflügel_300Numerous studies of birds built the fundament of this invention. With his construction Leonardo wants to copy the movement of flying birds. Whereas, the pilots` head and upper body are fixed in the construction, with his legs he can activate the inner wings so they move up and down and with his arms he can coordinate the outside wings.

It can be assumed that this lift was developed when Leonardo was building his constructions and didn`t want to tediously climb up the high scaffolds. Due to the high gear ratio of the tool`s worm gear he was able to decrease the effort. And through the self- locking effect safety was increased.






This exhibition is open until the end of October 2017. It is a project of the faculty of "engineering and mathematics" of the university of applied sciences in Bielefeld.