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NEW: Leonardo`s parachute

© FH BielefeldBuild a parachute out of paper

Find out if and how Leonardo`s parachute works and built your own model of it. Of course you can take your model home.

530 years ago Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the first people to invent a parachute that was ment to allow humans a save flight. But unfortunately he could never realize his idea, therefore he never found out if his invention would have worked. 

Recommended age:3rd and 4th level of education

Maximum of 15 children

NEW: Ball- Bearings - a long-forgotten invention


© FH Bielefeld

Ball-bearings, a long-forgotten invention

A ball-bearing out of wooden parts and glass marbles shows you for what ball bearings are used (frictionless movement). The model can be taken home with the students.

In this workshop students can built their own little ball-bearing and playfully explore it. They find out for what it can be used and learn which physical principals lie behind it`s function.

The ball-bearing is an invention that is installed in so many machines, but hardly one really sees it. Eventhough Leonardo is known for inventing the ball-bearing, it hat it`s breakthrough in the industrial revolution.

Recommended age: 1st level of education

Maximum of 15 students

Understanding power - without equations 2.0

Understanding powerSteckdose1

What are the components of a circuit? How does a fuse work? We are constructing serial and parallel connections. The basics of electro-technics will be shown by practical exercises.


Recommended age:6th and 7th  level of education

Music Worksop

musikworkshop_colored2Music is my passion!

Can you make sound visible?
How do musical instruments work?
Why do we even hear notes and sounds?
Through exciting experiments and elements of a science show pysical priciples are made tangible and understandbale.

recommended age: 1st level of education



Power is an exciting thing! A plasma-ball and the Van de Graaff will make the inert gases, electrostatic and the voltage comprehensible.


Recommended age: 5th and 6th level of education

Tommy the atom - A journey through science and technics

A journey through science and technicssusi atom

Tommy the atom leads you and your students on an adventurous journey through his life. Learn playfully more about new and surprising things of the technics’ milestones.

There will be easy experiments and games touched on physics and co.


Recommended age: 1st and 2nd level of education

Constructing an electric car

Constructing an electric care-auto (2)

No noise and emission – the popularity of electric cars on our roads is increasing!

The pupils can design an electric car with cables, batteries and electric motors. They can take these self-constructed cars at home!


Recommended age:3rd and 4th level of education

Magnetism - simply magnetizing

Magnetism - simply magnetizing

KompassWich things are magnetizing, how does magnetism work, and for what can magnets be used in everyday life? Kids build their own electric magnet and explore the principles of magnetism. They also learn about the application of magnetism in technology and industrie.

Recommended age: 7th and 8th level of education

Cooperation – EnergieAG/SolarCampus

Cooperation – EnergieAG/SolarCampus

Photovoltaic is a project in cooperation with EnergieAG’s SolarCampus. The students get an insight in this topic through selected exhibits and playful exploration at Welios. After a break we are moving to Eberstalzell to the SolarCampus of Austria where we explore the Photovoltaic generation plant.

Recommended age: 5th and 6th level of education

Combined offer for classes

  • 9:30 – 11:00 Welios
  • Break, ride to Eberstalzell
  • 12:00 – 14:00 SolarCampus



The combined offer including the teaching adds will be allocated freely. The regular price for students’ tickets of € 4.80 will be levied (without transfer).

Transfer: A potential partner for the bus-transfer would be sabtours Touristik; they will make you a cost-efficient offer.


Maximum number of students: 55

Registration: 2 weeks in advance 

application/pdf Lernziele Photovoltaik Workshop.pdf (141,3 KiB)


Workshops € 10,00 per person (Entrance to the exhibition is included)

Duration: 45 - 60 Minutes

Maximum of 15 students


LEGO education – exclusive workshops

LEGO Comic

LEGO Comicheader

German lessons are variable and LEGO as well. This workshop is appropriate for

  • Comic strips
  • Renarration
  • Adventure stories

LEGO brings a valuable impulse to the children’s creativity.

This workshop is held in German and English.

The pupils are creating scenes with Legos. Afterwards, they take pictures and edit them (e.g. they add speech balloons) with graphic programmes which are appropriate for children.

We will come up to your individual demands and wishes!

 Recommended age: 4th and 5th level of education 

It is advantageous to prepare the essays or stories in class before attending the workshop.

LEGO - Newspaper Report

We’re looking for an ace reporter!45100_env_84

You want to learn how to write a good article! In this workshop you will learn: How do you build up an article? Which key data is important? How can you incite people to read your article? Pupils are allowed to bring finished articles to the workshop so that they can create an appropriate layout by using the Lego-software.


 Recommended age: 5th and 6th level of education

LEGO Computer Science - New Media

Computer Science – new media9580_env_004

Pupils are constructing easy models and make them alive by using plain software for programming. The Drag & Drop Software (LabView basis) which is based on symbols provides an intuitive surrounding for programming.

You can programme:

  • Animals
  • Football players

This is an ideal workshop for the introduction to digital media and computer-controlled guidance. The aim of this workshop is to develope a fundamental understanding for programming

Recommended age: 3th to 5th level of education

For advanced pupils:

  • Carousel
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Crane
  • and more...

Recommended age: 6th to 9th level of education

LEGO Physics

Basics of Mechanism, forces9686_mod_016_crane

Let your students explore the mechanical and structural basics of ordinary machines and constructions. While constructing their own models the pupils will understand the functions of gear-wheels and wheels in a better way.

Make a choice:

  • Model hammer
  • Model pendulum clock
  • Model letter scales

Recommended age: 7th and 8th level of education

LEGO Renewable Energies

LEGO Renewable Energies

9688_env_windturbine_002Inventors, explorers and creative minds will love this workshop. We build solar cars and wind power plants. Pupils can playfully explore and develope the fundaments of renewable energies.

Coose between:

  • Solar car
  • Wind power plant

Recommended age: 5th to 8th level of education



LEGO Pneumatics

LEGO Pneumatics

9641_env_robothand_pneumatikIt`s astonishing to see what you can move with air! If you know how. Many machines for example are inconceivable without air motors. Pupils build a robotic arm or a scissor lift  which shoul only be moved by compressed air.

You can choose between:

  • Robotic arm
  • Scissor lift

Recommended age: 5th to 8th level of education




45544_env_ms_gyroboy_04How can you drive lines or curves evenly?
How can I trail a line with a colour sensor?
Students can expect these and many other exciting missions in the fascinating world of our EV3 studio.

The aim of this workshop is to let pupils learn the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV. With which they can write their first programmes, which can be transmitted to their self-built LEGO-robots and later on can be tested. 

Recommended age: 9th to 12th level of education

The price for participation at the LEGO-workshops is € 11 per person. The entrance to the exhibition is included!

Duration of the workshop: 60 - 90 minutes

The price for participation at the LEGO mindstorms workshops is € 12 per person. The entrance to the exhibition is included!

Duration of the workshop: 90 - 120 minutes

Feel free to contact us! We will come up to your individual expectations!


Registration for classes: