Planning the visit


We recommend an early registration – 4 to 6 weeks before your planned visit.
Please use our registration form.
When planning your visit please take into account that the visit at the Welios Science Center will at least take 2, 5 hours.

Please understand that we cannot accommodate groups without registration. Please consider that there are a lot of classes in the last weeks before big holidays.

You can find further information at our homepage. For all questions feel free to contact our visitor service: +43-7242-908 200.

House rules

Before you visit the Welios Science Center with your class please register your group here.

Please note that food and open drinks are not allowed in the exhibition. There is an area for breaks where you can eat and drink.

Students are not allowed to take their bags and rucksacks into the Exhibition. However students sometimes loose valuables in our Centre, so please pay attention to your valuables.

Teachers/companions are responsible for the pupils in the exhibition. Café Urbann is not part of the exhibition area. Additionally, our scouts will be there for you all the time.

Kids under 14 are not allowed to stay alone in the exhibition nor with a written approval by a parent.

We reserve the right to expel students from the house in cases of negligence.

When you arrive

Our scouts will welcome you and give every group a brief introduction to the exhibition. Thereby, you can resolve all questions in advance. To avoid any waiting time make sure to be at Welios on time. If you happen to be late please call +43-7242-908 200. The personal greeting follows every 20 minutes.

In the foyer you can use our lockable wardrobe boxes which are free for your use. (caution of € 10 for the lock). Pupils can also use the locker (for the locker € 1 is required) for storaging their jackets, coats and bags. Students are not allowed to take their bags and rucksacks into the exhibition.

At Welios you can explore by yourself and at your own pace. Therefore, the classic guided tour isn’t part of our philosophy. Pupils and their companions can discover our house on their own – if there are any questions feel free to ask our scouts in every level of our exhibition.

You can download extensive material from our homepage or you can buy it at the cashpoint (€ 0.50).

Tips for you visit

Teachers and educators can join free entrance on presentation of a stamped school confirmation and a photo ID or valid teachers’ identification. Please register for your free pre-visit.

Use the prepared programme and materials. You can download and print out these and further information from our homepage