Welios meets DLR

Welios visits the Space Centre DLR at Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich

The German Centre of Aerospace, DLR, is an outstanding centre for research of the Federal Republic of Germany. They have national and international cooperations in research and development activities concerning aerospace, energy, traffic and security. DLR explores the Earth and the solar system, they provide knowledge how to protect the environment. Furthermore, they develop environmentally compatible technologies for energy supply, mobility, communication and security. At Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich there is DLR’s largest location with 1, 600 employees. Here you can find the “Earth Observation Centre”, the centre for data and control of remote sensing. Satellites provide valuable data which can be used for solving urgent questions concerning traffic and the protection of climate and environment. This data support also the assistance during natural disasters. The satellites with around 200 colour channels provide exactly biological and geological data.

  DSCN6583 DSCN6586 DSCN6646 DSCN6650 Gruppenfoto unter der ISS Satellitenaufnahme Mangroven Bangladesch

Sonderausstellung Spurensuche

Special Exhibition “BIONIC”


Mother Nature shows us genius solutions for complicated problems from areas like design, architecture, car manufacturing or medical technology.

“Nature inspires Technology” – that’s the slogan of our new special exhibition and this brings questions for consideration. What can we learn from polar bears? Which similarities do exist between the bee’s pollen rake and our hair comb? Are there any connections between rockets and squids? Find the amazing answers at the Welios Science Centre!

Participate and understand! Our guest can participate actively. They can make a load test and find out how the structure of materials impacts the stability.

This exhibition is appropriate for everyone who’s interested in natural sciences and technology – it’s a great programme for classes and other groups.

You can join the Exhibition until the 28th March 2016.

Special Exhibition “Mathematics for touching“

Enjoying the interactive travelling exhibition of the world of Mathematics
From 16th February to 12th July at the Welios Science Centre

“Mathematics for touching” doesn’t communicate in the typical mathematical language; she offers the guest numerous interactive stations for a better understanding.

Guests of every age and pre-knowledge are welcome to experiment: They put puzzle together, build bridges, solve mathematical riddles, they are surrounded by a wall made of soap bubble and more…

This means: Our guest can do all experiments individually or in groups and in this way they can directly and immediately experience mathematical phenomena.

The special exhibition “Mathematics for touching” offers pupils an interactive approach for communicating mathematics in a more exciting way. We will prepare pedagogical and teaching materials for you.

Exhibition “LebensWERT” / worth living

LebensWERT – mission impossible


In view of the high level of demand we are creating a “LebensWERT-area” in our permanent exhibition. There will also be interactive stations where you can participate as of 2015.

Why are bees one of most important animals in the world? How much water do you need to produce 1 kg of beefsteak? Can we power our cars with seaweeds? Can hydrogen supply enough energy for “The House of Future”?

These questions and many ecological questions will be answered in our new special exhibition. At our “sustainable kitchen” you will find out how far your bananas have already travelled. At the “covered table” you can find out your daily food’s CO2-consumption. At the “milking station” with the recreated cow you can proof your milking skills and you can produce butter on you own at our “bar”. Besides the exhibition you can also join at various workshops (like using the microscope) and adequate Science Shows. It’s an educational and entertaining exhibition for all ages.


The European Union supports this exhibiton. This exhibition with its supertitle “BIOPROM – Will Bioeconomy save the world?” moves every semester to a different European Science Centre. Besides Italy, England and Estonia Welios hosted BIPROM at Wels in Austria. Additionally to BIOPROM’s exhibits Welios offers its own exhibits in the special exhibition “LebensWERT”.



Special exhibition “Searching tracks”

Searching tracks – The building block of the Universe

11th September 2014 - 1st March 2015 

Have you known that...4W7B0017

  • CERN is the first large peace project after the Second World War?
  • the Higgs-Field gives mass to the elementary particles?
  • protons and neutrons can be taken apart?
  • CERN simulated the Big Bang?
  • we have information just about 5 % of the Universe?


The special exhibition “Searching tracks” teaches about particle physics by letting young and old participate at interactive stations.

The special exhibition “Searching tracks” appears at Welios in time for the 60th anniversary of the European Nuclear Research Centre CERN at Genève. Recently they have discovered the Higgs particle as one of the fundamental building block of the Universe. In this exhibition you could see spectacular pictures, interesting clips and impressive exhibits. Our guests had the one-time chance to see a scale model of one of the most important detection devices for the Higgs particle. The informative board presentations communicated particle physics in a very comprehensible way. There were a lot of comparisons with the everyday life to make the complex topics more vulnerable.DSC_0151

In this exhibition you will learn about the beginning of the Universe, you will learn about the smallest particles and the functions of a particle accelerator and why do CERN’s researchers need this device. Furthermore, you will have an insight into the latest findings and their appearance in everyday life.


Supplementary, there are impressive, artistic pictures of Dr. Michael Hoch (Physicist at CERN).

This exhibition was designed with the Institute for High-Energy Physics of the Austrian Academy of Science in Vienna, CERN and exhibits of Weltmaschine.

   Welios-Sonderausstellung-000002-(c) Ing. Christoph EndtWelios-Sonderausstellung-000007-(c) Ing. Christoph Endt

Special show all around the elephants

Rediscovery – Elephant – beloved, strong but globally endangered

Our guests were able to inform themselves about these endangered animals at Welios until the 7th April 2015.


Wels‘ association “SATAO”

elefant satao

Elephant Satao was very popular in Kenia. However, his floor-length tusks became his greatest fatality. In 2014 he was brutally murdered by poachers. Renate Pyrker who saw Satao in the Tsavo-national park wants to intensify the protection of endangered animals. Therefore, she initiated the open-air-festival “Wels for Africa”. The found a new association with the actor Hardy Krüger jr., the artist Klaus Krobath and her partner Dieter Grünberger at Wels. They have chosen “Satao” as the name of their association.



Charity-elephant on a hiking tour

The first action of Austrian Plastics’ omnipresent head was an exhibition at Welios with the title “Rediscovery – Elephant – beloved, strong but globally endangered”. For this exhibition they constructed a 3-metre-high elephant made of round bar. Pyrker says “You can purchase a colourful plastic foil for 3 Euros which can be put on this elephant’s construction. Little by little the elephant will receive a body and the construction can be positioned at different places at Wels!” The association used the proceeds to support projects in Tanzania and Kenia which had the main focus to protect the pachyderms.


Summer holidays 2015

Vacation time without boredom! Welios offered various workshops and exciting Saturdays during the summer break.

Our programme consisted of space fun, detective training, robotics and LEGO workshops. Our guests – young and old – were fascinated by the simple software which brought wild animals and footballers to life.

Our scouts helped with words and deeds

Traudi Pacher
pedagogical conception

“It was great to see creative, initiative and fast learning kids! At the end of the workshop kids and parents can be proud of the results – I am in any case!”

Halloween at Welios


Trick or treat!

We will do handicraft for Halloween at Welios on Saturday the 31st October from 16:30 until 18 o’clock! A scary afternoon lies ahead!

Halloween enables you to fill up you sweets’ drawer! However, you need scary accessory for a successful yield!

We will make ghosts, scary lanterns, bats and Co. If you solve the tricky Halloween’s riddle you will receive a sweet surprise – or a sour one?

We invite the whole family to participate at the handicraft workshop for 2. 50 € per person.

The Welios team is looking forward to meeting you!