Special Exhibition “Experiment HUMAN”

NEW Special Exhibition

Experiment HUMAN – Test your Body!

SA_EMTDK_banner_578x420v6_HPHear, see, pumping blood, piling up calories, landing softly...

In a diverse and unforcedly manner this exhibition demonstrates how the human body works and how we can carefully handle it. Visitors big and small are animated to engage with their bodies and their health. The exhibition is sensitizing visitors to have a responsible handling with themselves.


Human Body | Health | Nutrition

  • Try to perform the work of your heart muscle yourself.
  • Trace your white corpuscles.
  • Test your ability to concentrate.
  • Attempt to spin the energy level of a jelly baby with your hands.
  • Try to throw a basket with a distorted perception.
  • Look at the structure of your skin through a microscope camera.
  • Test your bounce and observe how your muscles and tendons are strained.
  • Learn exciting details about your health, nutrition and the human body.

The duration of this exhibition is until April 2017

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