Science Shop

The main aim of our products is their experimental approach that helps encouraging the creativity of young and old. Toys out of wood, metal and synthetic materials invite to play.

If we don`t have the product in stock it can easily be reordered.

You can allways visit the Welios Schience Shop during our opening hours!


Ideas for presents and gifts:

Science kits

Science kits

Build a pigsty out of brick

Books about the safety organisations

Books about the safety organisations

Various books about health, body and the HUMAN.

Various books about health, body and the HUMAN.

Precious oils from the Schlattbauerngut

The natural products that are of single origin from the Schlattbauerngut are extracted a 100% out of controlled biological and organic farming and energy self-sufficiency of the sun.

20 Band-aids to go

Feel-good cards

36 Tips for your feel-good weight

36x Detox easy & tasty

36x sweet life

36x Vegetarian pleasure

36 Remedies for colds

36 Smoothies for your soul

50 playful exercises for little bundles of energy


50 exciting ideas against boredom and for small patients

50 funny games to go

50 tricky puzzles for little puzzle fans

50 striking experiments for little scientists

Emil the Bottle

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3D Memo

Explore the new 3D-Memo world

Green Science-Potatoe Clock

Green Science-Spinning top Generator

Solar helicopter from Eitech

Pigsty from Teifoc 

The three??? – Secret Code


The three??? – Phantom Pictures


The three??? – The Forgotten Grave

Black Stories


50 Black Puzzles