Special-Exhibition “Weightless”


Our planet Earth is surrounded by a vast, mysterious and manifold space – the Universe. It has inspired the human race since the beginning of our time!

Since the 11th of February our guests can join an exciting adventure to the universe. It’s a journey with pioneer character, where one highlight hunts the other!



Starry sky

Most of us will know the Big Dipper. But can you also find the Scorpion or the Sky’s “W”? We have literally brought down the stars from the sky for you to discover the most distinctive stellar constellations. That way, learning happens itself!



Before the take-off we have to train!

The unfearful ones can test their astronaut’s suitability with the three-axis-trainer. As it is well known, a good physical condition is essential for a journey into the universe!

(Minimum size: 145 cm | Maximal weight: 130 kg)




Touching is welcome

Lend a hand yourself and experience how astronauts feel, when they have to do fine repair work with their thick gloves! How does the weightlessness affect human being? What happens to the muscles in the weightlessness?




Three, two, one… zero… We are taking off!

The rocket capsule – an in-house reconstruction of a Soyuz capsule - is ready for take off. The booster phase is simulated by vibration headset, shaking seats and sound animations, so you can experience the take-off first-hand!





As us are travelling together through our planetary system and, we are comparing the weight on different planets! Get to know all the planets and learn about their appearance.




Visiting Mars

You can conduct the Marsrover “Dignity” from the Austrian space forum by yourself!




We are docking… Instinctive feeling is asked!

We need a steady hand and visual acuity to be able to dock! There is a live broadcast from the ISS space platform in the exhibition. Where’s the station at the Moment?




Austria in Space

Since 1969 Austria participates actively in space research worldwide. Can you find out what mission TUGSAT1 is on? On 25th of February 2013 the space shuttle has started from the Indian Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.


austromir-91In this exhibition you will find a number of collector’s items like this from the expedition AUSTROMIR-g1. Find out who Franz Viehböck was! Which mission did he and his colleagues go on? Some items which were at the MIR are shown in this special exhibition.


The space adventure is addressed to a wide audience at all age levels. It is a qualitative leisure programme for the whole family.

Duration: till 5th October 2016