Teaching methods

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
(Lao Tse, old Chinese saying)

This is the way how we introduce our guests into the issues of energy. Our main protagonist Lucy welcomes our guests in her home and takes them on a tour though the “energy court”. Well-known surroundings like the children’s room, the kitchen or the bathroom will be perceived in a new way. You will be surprised. The experiments invite you to discover different rooms and different sources of energy on your own. There is a constant and recognisable connection to everyday life of kids and youngsters. This fact awakes their interest and enables substantial learning.

A large number of teaching methods supports the self-determining and exploratory learning:
Sense-stations, interactive exhibits, tests for groups and individuals, multimedia and spatial installations, documentaries, texts, pictures, graphics, lab offers, pedagogically educated team. This enables educational programmes for kindergartens, elementary schools, lower grades, secondary and vocational schools.

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.
(Albert Einstein)

Awaking curiosity, surprising and provoking questions –
that’s the pedagogical concept

Kids, pupils, seniors and families get  in touch with natural sciences playfully. The focus lies on the guests and their exploratory and research-based learning. Our guests can on their own determine, test and reflect their learning pathway:

  • Discover and observe natural phenomena
  • Make experiments and new constructions
  • Invent and change experiments
  • Develop, express and check presumptions
  • Document your results
  • Experience detours
  • Work in teams
  • Do researches (for example: expert interviews)
  • Evaluate, present and discuss results