What’s Welios?


  • Austria’s first Science Centre on a surface of 3,000 sqm
  • a Join-in-Museum with more than 120 interactive exhibits
  • an exhibition around the aspects of natural science and technic


We offer:

  • permanent exhibitions with a particular focus on “renewable energies”
  • continuously new and exciting special exhibitions focused on scientific topics
  • knowledge transfer by game, fun and excitement
  • a chance to really “comprehend” things


Besides the exhibition:

  • schools (all levels of education) and kindergartens can participate in workshops focused on different topics
  • Welios organises continuously events (programmes during the summer or Easter holidays)
  • Welios offers its modern location for generous evets
  • Welios organises children’s birthday parties
  • Welios runs a Science Shop where high-quality and experimentally approached toys are provided

The concept of a Science Centre

In the last 40 years more and more Science Centres have opened worldwide. The San Francisco’s exploratory developed the very first participatory-exhibition. Usual scientific exhibitions were too theoretic, therefore, the idea to transfer knowledge by letting the guests explore playfully by themselves came up. This way of knowledge transfer has been evaluated as good which is the reason why a lot of museums and initiated Science Centres have implemented this innovation. The main targets are:

  • entertaining transfer of scientific topics,
  • learning through awaking all senses,
  • learning by doing,
  • and thereby never point the finger

20 years ago the idea of a participatory-exhibition in Upper Austria evolved. It was originated by the Upper Austrian “Federation of Austrian Industry” and the idea of a Science Centre was presented to the former governor. The Upper Austrian “Federation of Austrian Industry” is still supporting this project.

Shortly, the vague plan assumed a shape. The first creative idea was “Energyland” (Erich Rondonell / E-Werk Wels, Johann Grassegger / E-Werk Wels, Kurt Leeb / Mea Solar, Gerhard Zettler / formerly Wels Strom, Peter Koits / Wels‘ mayor, Hermann Wimmer / Wels’ vice mayor) and Mag. Leo Ludick where committed to this idea too. Thereafter, the whole conception of the Science Centre with regard on contents was prepared. The exhibits and the experiments should focus on topics of renewable energies like:

  • strengthening the sensitive contact with the energy
  • excite the inhabitants with the region’s energy
  • showing the Upper Austrian’s perspectives and technical professions for the future
  • making training schools for technicians and natural scientists more attractive
  • and in the end enriching Upper Austria’s tourism

In recent years the necessary steps for implementing this idea have been made.