Permanent Exhibition

Energy is a major concern in the future. Where does the energy come from? Which forms and sources of alternative energy generation are there?

The Welios Science Center concentrates exactly on these questions: How do the alternative energy supply systems affect our everyday lives? What do terms like solar energy, water power, wind power, geothermal energy or biomass mean?


In the permanent exhibition you will find answers to all these questions!

  • 120 interactive exhibits to discover and play
  • 3,000 sqm exhibition space
  • Raise interest for sciences and technology easily and playfully
  • Independent exploring of the exhibition after watching a short, introduction clip in the in-house cinema
  • affectionate creation in form of an “energy court” with different rooms (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, room-deck, workshop); this creates a connection to everyday life


Find out how much energy you can generate by dancing, how easily you can raise a heavy basket and discover a variety of other exciting phenomena from sciences and technology!


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