Experience reports

We are happy to receive so much enthusiastic feedback over and over again.

We want to speak out a huge thank you for all the positive response!

Stiftsgymnasium Melk

Numerous opportunities for interactive exploration stand for Welios' particularity. My pupils were very fascinated by the Spacecurl, the docking to the ISS, the wind power, the control tool for the city’s energy supply, and more.

Family – Baumberger

We just wanted to tell you that we had such a great family trip at your Centre on Wednesday!

We all were fascinated! Especially by the permanent exhibition. After 6 hours our kids didn’t want to go home! They had a lot of fun and we have seen some really interesting things!

Elke Auinger

Kindergarten association, Offenhausen

The warm welcom and the guidance we recieved were great. The girls were very friendly and really attempted to show us everything and they gave us tips what we could additionally try. They were very flexible and came up to all our desires.

Karin Hemetsberger

First of all… Congratulations for such a great project… it’s top!

The kids had a great day… we were fascinated… . Unfortunately, I read on the Internet that there aren’t a lot of visitors. That’s a pity! I will advertise your Science Centre at our school and under my friends.

I hope you won’t have to close down… our kids would like to come again!

Kind regards

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Beutelspracher

University of Gießen and Director of the Science Centre “Mathematikum” at Gießen

Welios’ building is impressive. When I walk in a Science Centre I’m always watching what the visitors are doing. I observed the guests at Welios, they were happy, relaxed, persistent, they stayed for a long time and they were always involved. I also recognised the interaction. That is a big compliment which I have to pay to Welios: Once you are inside you will get tied up!

Dr. Sergio Bertolucci

Research director at CERN

I want to congratulate Welios for the excellent special exhibition “Searching tracks – The building block of the Universe”! I was very impressed!

Dr. Sascha Schmeling

Department for Physics at CERN and coordinator for CERN’s 60th anniversary

I was deeply impressed by the exhibition “Searching tracks – The building block of the Universe”. There were worldwide exhibitions according CERN’s 60th anniversary. WELIOS managed it to really reach all age and population groups and bring CERN’s issues closer. Particularly, the corner for young and future scientists was convincing and it will be an example for following exhibitions.

Ao Univ. Prof. i. R. Dr. Helmut Kühnelt

University of Vienna

Welios does not only impress with the permanent exhibition for "touching" but also with exquisite special exhibitions and lectures.

Homepage of the College of Education “Diözese Linz”

Students of Mathematics were able to do some experiments with Prof. Dr. Emmerich Boxhofer. Furthermore, the students received a lot of valuable input for their future lessons. “Mathematics for touching” provides new experiences for mathematical phenomena and their implementation in teaching can enrich the educational curriculum.

Ao Univ. Prof. Dr. Karl Riedling

Technical University Vienna and Director of the Austrian Company of Physics (ÖPG)

The way how Welios controls its gaming operation and the connections between experiments is very fascinating and inspiring. For me today’s visit at Welios will not be the last one – it was great!

Mag. Dr. Claudia Haagen-Schützenhöfer

Director of the Department for Didactic of Physics and Centre of Didactic, Vice president of GIREP association for support of physical and chemical education at the Central Department for Didactic at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz

A study visit is obliged for students of teaching at the University Graz and Vienna!

Many thanks for the great guidance at Welios, our students were impressed by your Centre.

It was very exciting for the students to get to know Welios’ philosophy and the pedagogical ideas behind the exhibits. Most of the time, the students explored the Science Centre on their own. I want to thank you on behalf of all of us for the great and educational afternoon.

The students were impressed by Welios’ offer and its building.

We all had an exciting day at Welios! Many thanks!

Mag. Christian Walter

Department for Didactic of the Johannes Kepler University Linz

Welios is an awesome place to allow full bent to games, experiments and researches.

Dr. Marko Dagicevic

Scientist at the Institute of High-Energy-Physics at the Acadamy of Science at Vienna (HEPHY) and at CERN

The particle physics is a fascinating topic! The exhibition “Searching tracks” in cooperation with the Viennese Institute of High-Energy-Physics made this topic touchable and comprehensible for the visitors. Welios has advanced to Austria’s best place for delivering scientific contexts!

Dr. Helmut Eberl

Scientist at HEPHY and CERN

In addition to the transmission of scientific contents it is also important for me to awaken inspiration for the topics of particle physics. This interacts successfully in the exhibition “Searching tracks” at Welios due to the cooperation with the Institute of High-Energy-Physics.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Fabjan

Technical University Vienna and CERN

The special exhibition “Searching tracks” is very successful. Rarly, I have seen such a professional exhibition with physical content. Congratulations!

Ing. Alexander Pikhard

President of the Viennese working group for Astronomy

I was impressed by the exhibition’s professionalism and the clarity. This is absolutely a modern way of knowledge transfer!

Dip. Pad. Sven Daubenmerkl

New secondary school, Gunskirchen

Welios is an essential contribution for awaking excitement for physics and natural science.

Prof. (FH) Dr. Franz Daschil

FH Wels

Welios is a great supplement to the Science Labs of the FH. Furthermore, I appreciate the dynamic further development.

Dipl. Pad. Marina Deinhamer

New secondary school, Rainerstraße

Welios has a positive impact on my educational annual curriculum.

Mag. Alfons Koller

College of Education “Diözese Linz”

Welios is THE extracurricular learning place for natural sciences!

Dipl. Pad. Margit Wimmer

College of Education, Upper Austria

Welios is a great supplement to the common teaching.

It is an ideal place to explore scientific phenomena by solving case studies.

Dipl. Päd. Andreas Lehrbaumer

Elementary school, Gunskirchen

At Welios you get impressed and fascinated by natural sciences.

Mag. Sieglinde Binder-Knoll

BG and BRG Wien 3 – Boerhaavegasse 15

A big thank you from vienese visitors! In the beginning the kids were sceptical. A visit to a “museum” as a present for 12/13-year-olds??? At the end of the excursion the pupils didn’t want to go home! They were inspired and I think that some of them will come back again! The trip from Vienna has been more than worthwhile!