Event spaces at Welios

Welios’ extraordinary location and modern architecture offers a unique space for your events. We provide a space of over 500 sqm for different forms of events.

The Perfect Scope for Your Event

Welios offers event spaces for every magnitude – from small groups, to seminars and workshops with 20 persons, award ceremonies up to big gala evenings for 500 People.

In addition to the in-house event spaces there is an outside surface which warrants an invitational view at Wels’ Volksgarten. It’s a green oasis in the centre of the city.

Your advantages:

  • Central and easily reachable location
    Welios is located in the centre of Austria. There are good connections to the main routes, therefore, Wels is ideally reachable from every part of Austria.
  • Experienced team
    Our experienced team will help you choose the appropriate space for your event. Furthermore, they will support you with your implementation.
  • Modern technology and flexible splitting of space
    EREIGNISreich with its surface of 200 sqm and 7 m ceiling height features modern technology for conferences and events. Stage and lightning technology can be added.

Spaces at a glance

EREIGNISreich with its surface of 200 sqm and 7 m ceiling height features modern technology for conferences and events. The flexible divider enables a combination of the event space and the light-flooded foyer. This combination creates an open ambiance. Thus, you will have 500 sqm available.

You can choose between two workshop-rooms with a surface of 60 sqm: One of the rooms is situated in the middle of the exhibition, during the breaks the participants can do some experiments and recharge their energy. The other room enables a quick achievement of Welios’ gastronomic offer and the out-door surface in the Volksgarten.

EREIGNISreich and the foyer – 500 sqm

ereignisreich-500Reception: approx. 500 persons
Conference: approx. 60 persons
Cinema: approx. 200 persons
Gala-Dinner: approx. 60 persons
U-form: approx. 60 persons

Non-binding request

EREIGNISreich – 200 sqm

Reception: approx. 180-200 personsereignisreich-300
Conference: approx. 60 persons
Lines: approx. 120 persons
Gala Dinner: approx. 60 persons
U-Form: approx. 60 persons

Non-binding request

IDEENreich – 60 sqm

Technical Support: fade-out, smartboardideenreich-60
Conferences: approx. 25 persons
Lines: approx. 50 persons
U-Form:  approx. 16 persons
Islands: approx. 32 persons

Non-binding request

Class Room - 60 sqm

  • Conference: approx. 25 Persons
  • Lines: approx. 50 Persons
  • U-Form: approx. 20 Persons
  • Islands: approx. 40 Persons
  • Reception: approx. 60 Persons

non-biding request